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BP20/05942/04/2020BP Swimming Pool Application (Certified)- Amendment to BP20/04417 Atwick Place COOGEE WA 6166
BP20/030714/02/2020Building Permit application (Uncertified) - carport9 Beckett Close LAKE COOGEE WA 6166
BP20/031114/02/2020Building Permit application (Certified) - Wetlands Precinct Redevelopment Project - extension to existing Wetlands Centre building, alterations to existing Native ARC building, new build Native ARC building, Scouts Den and shed and Nursery and Landcare sheds and new enclosures and accessible parking at existing Cockburn Wetlands PrecinctBibra Lake Reserve 65L Progress Drive BIBRA LAKE WA 6163
BP20/037226/02/2020Building Permit Application (UnCert) Boundary Walls135 Orsino Boulevard NORTH COOGEE WA 6163
BP20/037626/02/2020Building Permit (UnCertified)- Replace existing steel pool fence with glass12 Zlinya Circle SPEARWOOD WA 6163
BP20/03923/03/2020Building Permit Application - Uncertified - Patio6 Seville Way AUBIN GROVE WA 6164
BP20/03943/03/2020Building permit application (Uncertified) - pool barrier fence8 Butchart Turn AUBIN GROVE WA 6164
BP20/04305/03/2020Building permit application (Uncertified) - alterations to existing dwelling18 Davon Street HAMILTON HILL WA 6163
BP20/04315/03/2020Building permit application (Uncertified) - relocate existing shed and install new concrete slab25 Woollybrush Place BIBRA LAKE WA 6163
BP20/045111/03/2020Building Permit Application (Cert) New Warehouse Office451L Railway Parade BIBRA LAKE WA 6163
BP20/046411/03/2020Building Permit (UnCert) - Patio19 Heatherlea Parkway LEEMING WA 6149
BP20/050117/03/2020Building Permit Application - Certified - Addition of Storeroom to Bibra Lake Community CentreBibra Lake Community Centre 132 Parkway Road BIBRA LAKE WA 6163
BP20/052519/03/2020Building Permit Application (Cert) Residential dwelling4/6 Parney Close NORTH COOGEE WA 6163
BP20/052820/03/2020Building Permit Application (Cert) Retaining Wall20 O`Connell Street HAMILTON HILL WA 6163
BP20/053120/03/2020Building Permit Application - Certified - Residential dwelling4/2 Crystalline Road SPEARWOOD WA 6163

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