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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionFormatted Address
BP22/176713/09/2022BP Swimming Pool Application (Uncertified) - install and submerge a swim spa in back yard3 Dusenberg Mews ATWELL WA 6164
BP22/179216/09/2022BP Swimming Pool Application (Certified) - Belowground fibreglass pool and construction barrier34 Caliza Way BEELIAR WA 6164
BP22/185130/09/2022BP Swimming Pool Application (Certified) - Below ground fibreglass swimming pool.16 Glen Iris Drive JANDAKOT WA 6164
BP22/10621/06/2022BP Application (Certified)- Patio addition to Aged Care Facility5 Abelia Road TREEBY WA 6164
BP22/157119/08/2022 BP Application (Certified)- Double Storey Residence70B Frederick Road HAMILTON HILL WA 6163
BP22/166130/08/2022BP Application (Uncertified)- Patio6 Fertito Entrance SUCCESS WA 6164
BP22/17307/09/2022Building Permit Application (Certified) - Residential Dwelling65A Peterborough Circle NORTH LAKE WA 6163
BP22/176514/09/2022Building Permit Application (Certified) - Shade Sails53 Pantheon Avenue NORTH COOGEE WA 6163
BP22/177815/09/2022BP Application (Certified)- Permanent Pool Barrier9 Elderberry Drive SOUTH LAKE WA 6164
BP22/178415/09/2022BP Application (Certified) - Amendment to BP22/0527 & BP22/0783 - Kitchenette and Office in Tenancy 17 Sobek Pass BIBRA LAKE WA 6163
BP22/178615/09/2022Building permit application (Certified) - tenancy division and base build fitout for existing building - internal make good works5C/817 Beeliar Drive COCKBURN CENTRAL WA 6164
BP22/180219/09/2022Building permit application (Certified) - additions & alterations to an existing residential dwelling - enclose rear patio to extend kitchen area33 Masefield Avenue NORTH LAKE WA 6163
BP22/182927/09/2022BP Application (Certified)- Three Storey Dwelling46 Medina Parade NORTH COOGEE WA 6163
DP22/004014/09/2022Demolition permit application - house demolition & and/all outbuildings20 Dalison Avenue WATTLEUP WA 6166
DA22/056222/07/2022Single House - Patio3 Mudstone Road TREEBY WA 6164

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