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BP24/140510/07/2024CANCELLED - Converting the Living area 3100 x 2900 into a Bedroom. Making the home a 4 x bedroom house26A Bibra Drive BIBRA LAKE WA 6163
BP24/13858/07/2024BAC Built Strata Application - Two Grouped Dwellings17 Cressida Parkway SUCCESS WA 6164
BP24/141510/07/2024Building permit application (Certified) - New inground swimming pool to be installed in front yard with setbacks as required to engineer and City of Cockburn detail. Custom made pool measuring approx. 5.0 x 3.0m with a depth varying from approx. 1.1 to 1.6m.23 Helen Street HAMILTON HILL WA 6163
BP24/141911/07/2024Building permit application (Certified) - below ground fibreglass swimming pool2 Herschell Way COOGEE WA 6166
BP24/143112/07/2024Building permit application (Certified) - below ground fibreglass swimming pool13 Sycamore Avenue SOUTH LAKE WA 6164
BP24/144215/07/2024BP Application (Certified)- Below Ground Fibreglass Swimming Pool2 Stevenson Way SPEARWOOD WA 6163
BP24/146817/07/2024Building permit application (Certified) - below ground fibrelgass swimming pool12 Danielson Way BEELIAR WA 6164
BP24/147018/07/2024Building permit application (Certified) - Below ground fibreglass swimming pool125 Orsino Boulevard NORTH COOGEE WA 6163
BP24/147618/07/2024Building permit application (Certified) - Installation of prefabricated concrete swimming pool with fence to be completed by owner64 Kwenda Approach HAMILTON HILL WA 6163
BP24/148019/07/2024Hello, Please find attached signed BA7 for completion of pool installation. Note, this is a partial works, fencing is not complete (2 months pending contractor availability to finish paving and fence installation). Temporary fencing has been erected, window locks installed and door access to pool area prematurely closed. Thank you49 Chivalry Way ATWELL WA 6164
BP24/148519/07/2024Construction of concrete swimming pool.59 Ocean Drive NORTH COOGEE WA 6163
BP24/13798/07/2024BP Application (Certified)- Single Storey Dwelling39 Jacaranda Road HAMMOND PARK WA 6164
BP24/13808/07/2024BP Application (Uncertified)- Shed9 Benedick Road COOLBELLUP WA 6163
BP24/13818/07/2024BP Application (Certified)- Alterations to existing carport - Cutback eaves & Masonry wall addition1 Gumina Place LAKE COOGEE WA 6166
BP24/13828/07/2024BP Application (Certified)- Patio43 Paddock Parade COCKBURN CENTRAL WA 6164

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