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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionFormatted Address
BP20/20845/10/2020BAC Unauthorised Work - Storeroom48 Cervantes Loop YANGEBUP WA 6164
BP20/219814/10/2020BAC Unauthorised Work - Patio82 Entrance Road SPEARWOOD WA 6163
BP20/222015/10/2020BAC Unauthorised Work - Unauthorised Spa9 Milton Place LAKE COOGEE WA 6166
BP20/225115/10/2020BAC Unauthorised Work - shade sails7 Minyon Circuit ATWELL WA 6164
BP20/229521/10/2020BAC Unauthorised Work - Deviation of works from original permit (BP20/0308)99 Turquoise Boulevard TREEBY WA 6164
BP20/231923/10/2020BAC Unauthorised Work - Games Room and Patio29 Osprey Drive YANGEBUP WA 6164
BP20/234927/10/2020BAC Unauthorised Work - Patios x 3, Pergola, Metal Shed, Front Fences & Retaining Wall10 Amity Boulevard COOGEE WA 6166
BP20/239629/10/2020BAC Unauthorised Work - patio & shed46 Allamanda Drive SOUTH LAKE WA 6164
BP20/218412/10/2020BAC with Existing Authorisation - built strata application ..73 Jean Street HAMILTON HILL WA 6163
BP20/20865/10/2020BP Swimming Pool Application - Certified - belowground fibreglass pool with construction fencing80 Barfield Road HAMMOND PARK WA 6164
BP20/20885/10/2020BP Swimming Pool Application - Certified - belowground fibreglass pool and fence10 Namoi Street HAMMOND PARK WA 6164
BP20/21016/10/2020BP Swimming Pool Application (Certified) - below ground pool & pool fencing8 Mirbelia Street HAMMOND PARK WA 6164
BP20/21097/10/2020BP Application (Uncertified)- Below ground fibreglass swimming pool, temporary fencing and metal tubular fencing/gate access50 Delton Way ATWELL WA 6164
BP20/21166/10/2020BP Swimming Pool Application - Certified - belowground concrete pool and barrier fence33 Chelydra Point NORTH COOGEE WA 6163
BP20/21267/10/2020BP Swimming Pool Application - Certified - Below ground swimming pool and fencing41 Friarbird Terrace BEELIAR WA 6164

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