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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionFormatted Address
BP20/229521/10/2020BAC Unauthorised Work - Deviation of works from original permit (BP20/0308)99 Turquoise Boulevard TREEBY WA 6164
BP20/231923/10/2020BAC Unauthorised Work - Games Room and Patio29 Osprey Drive YANGEBUP WA 6164
BP20/228720/10/2020BP Swimming Pool Application- Belowground Fibreglass Swimming Pool & Fencing17 Turnbull Close ATWELL WA 6164
BP20/230022/10/2020BP Swimming Pool Application - Certified - Pool & Pool Fence22 Crystalline Road SPEARWOOD WA 6163
BP20/230222/10/2020BP Swimming Pool Application - Certified - Belowground swimming pool with construction barrier10 Majorelle Parkway AUBIN GROVE WA 6164
BP20/231522/10/2020BP Swimming Pool Application - UnCertified - Below ground fibreglass swimming pool, temporary construction fencing and permanent frameless glass fencing/gate access8 Donnelly Street LAKE COOGEE WA 6166
BP20/231823/10/2020BP Swimming Pool Application - UnCertified - Below ground fibreglass swimming pool and fence4 Tarlo Mews AUBIN GROVE WA 6164
BP20/232123/10/2020BP Swimming Pool Application - Certified - belowground fibreglass pool294 Lyon Road AUBIN GROVE WA 6164
BP20/226519/10/2020Building Permit (UnCert) - Patio6 Chile Way AUBIN GROVE WA 6164
BP20/226619/10/2020Building Permit Application - Certified - Residential dwelling3 Melbourne Loop HAMMOND PARK WA 6164
BP20/226719/10/2020Building permit application (Certified) - carport8 Goneril Way COOLBELLUP WA 6163
BP20/226819/10/2020Building Permit Application - Certified - Residential dwelling18 Nadilo Drive SPEARWOOD WA 6163
BP20/226919/10/2020Building Permit Application - Certified - Residential Two storey dwelling12 Silvergull Street NORTH COOGEE WA 6163
BP20/227019/10/2020Building Permit Application - Certified - Re-roof - tile to colourbond100 Healy Road HAMILTON HILL WA 6163
BP20/227119/10/2020Building Permit Application - Certified - Residential dwelling16 Manarola Loop COOGEE WA 6166

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