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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionFormatted Address
BP20/05883/04/2020Building Approval Certificate - Pergola45 Caledonia Loop NORTH COOGEE WA 6163
BP20/05911/04/2020Cancelled - Incomplete Documentation - Swimming Pool Fence Modification. Raising the height of the pool fence on northern boundary to 1800mm so as to comply with the guidelines as per swimming pool fence inspector16 Socrates Parade NORTH COOGEE WA 6163
BP20/05942/04/2020BP Swimming Pool Application (Certified)- Amendment to BP20/04417 Atwick Place COOGEE WA 6166
BP20/06187/04/2020BP Swimming Pool Application - Uncertified - Above ground swimming pool and fence26 Blueridge Crest BIBRA LAKE WA 6163
BP20/05861/04/2020Building Permit (UnCert) - Patio28 Pindan Elbow ATWELL WA 6164
BP20/05871/04/2020BP Application (Uncertified)- Installation of 2 flat patios4 Larkspur Cross YANGEBUP WA 6164
BP20/05891/04/2020Building Permit Application (Cert) Installation of 2 x light poles39 Brenchley Drive ATWELL WA 6164
BP20/05901/04/2020BP Application (Certified)- Single Storey Double Brick and Colorbond Family Residence14 Criddle Way HAMMOND PARK WA 6164
BP20/05922/04/2020Building Permit Application (Cert) amendment to BP19/152951 Meller Road BIBRA LAKE WA 6163
BP20/05932/04/2020Building Permit Application - Certified - NON HABITABLE GABLE PATIO AND GLASS ENCLOSURE23 Gurney Road SPEARWOOD WA 6163
BP20/05952/04/2020Building Permit Application (UnCert) Brick Boundary Wall1 Edeline Street SPEARWOOD WA 6163
BP20/05962/04/2020Building Permit (Certified)- Addition of patio to existing dwelling48 Freycinet Circuit AUBIN GROVE WA 6164
BP20/05972/04/2020Building Permit Application - Certified - Residential dwelling9 Raphanus Way HAMMOND PARK WA 6164
BP20/05982/04/2020Building Permit Application - Certified - 2x single storey residential grouped dwellings, retaining5 Gaunt Road SPEARWOOD WA 6163
BP20/05992/04/2020Building Permit Application (UnCert) Triax Curved Shade Structure16 Lintott Way SPEARWOOD WA 6163

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