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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionFormatted Address
BP20/234927/10/2020BAC Unauthorised Work - Patios x 3, Pergola, Metal Shed, Front Fences & Retaining Wall10 Amity Boulevard COOGEE WA 6166
BP20/239629/10/2020BAC Unauthorised Work - patio & shed46 Allamanda Drive SOUTH LAKE WA 6164
BP20/235027/10/2020BP Swimming Pool Application (Uncertified)- Belowground Fibreglass Swimming Pool & Safety Barrier72 Louisiana Glen TREEBY WA 6164
BP20/235327/10/2020BP Swimming Pool Application - Certified - belowground fibreglass pool18 Bayview Terrace YANGEBUP WA 6164
BP20/236826/10/2020BP Swimming Pool Application (Certified) - below ground swimming pool, pool fence & temporary shoring13 Peregrine Circle BEELIAR WA 6164
BP20/238428/10/2020BP Swimming Pool Application - Certified - Belowground fibreglass pool with construction barrier7 Etna Link YANGEBUP WA 6164
BP20/240229/10/2020BP Swimming Pool Application (Certified) - below ground swimming pool, barrier fencing & shoring6 Dorsal Bend HAMMOND PARK WA 6164
BP20/233426/10/2020Building permit application (Certified) single dwelling4 Campana Rise HAMMOND PARK WA 6164
BP20/233526/10/2020Building permit application (Certified) Construction of new dwelling with garage6 Fragrant Street HAMMOND PARK WA 6164
BP20/233626/10/2020Building permit application (Certified) - new residence139B Forrest Road HAMILTON HILL WA 6163
BP20/233726/10/2020Building permit application (Uncertified) - retaining wall/front fence and gate18 Featherflower Road HAMMOND PARK WA 6164
BP20/233826/10/2020Building Permit Application - Certified - Residential dwelling93 Sorbonne Turn AUBIN GROVE WA 6164
BP20/233926/10/2020Building Permit (Cert) - Gazebo8 Lipari Link YANGEBUP WA 6164
BP20/234026/10/2020Building Permit Application - Certified - Carport433 Beenyup Road BANJUP WA 6164
BP20/234126/10/2020Building Permit Application - UnCertified - Patio6 Frangipani Road TREEBY WA 6164

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