Q1 My screen does not display properly
  Answer The browsers that have been optimised for this website are:
  • Mozilla Firefox 26.0 +
  • Google Chrome 32 +
  • Safari 5.1.7 +
  • Internet Explorer 7 +
  • Other browsers may work but could result in unpredictable behaviour
  Q2 Is it possible to change my contact details?
  Answer Yes, once you have logged in if you go to the 'User Information' tab under 'My Information', it will display your user details and there is an edit button to allow you to change your contact information.

  Q3 Fast Search in location details in requests does not display results?
  Answer Results from “Fast Search” if there are some they will be displayed under the resultant address bar, the property required is selected by clicking the appropriate radio button. Depending on the number of results they could be spread across multiple pages.

  Q4 How long does it take to get registration approval?
  Answer Our aim is to provide a response to your registration request within two working days.

  Q5 What happens if I stop part way through while submitting an application?
  Answer You will receive an error advising that your session has expired, when you login again your details will be available in 'Incomplete Attachments'.

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