Application Details

Application Details
Application IDBP19/1430
DescriptionBuilding Permit Application - Certified - Residential Single dwelling
GroupBuilding Act 2011 - Building Permits
CategoryBuilding Permit (Cert / UnCert)
Sub Category 
Lodgement Date15/08/2019

Property Details
3 Lapis Road TREEBY WA 6164

Application Progress
Date FinalisedDescriptionEvent Decision
16/08/2019Payment Received – Permit Process CommencedComplete
19/08/2019Work Allocation to Reg. Building SurveyorAndrew Noad
21/08/2019Application AssessmentProceed
21/08/2019Further Info Required?Yes
30/08/2019All Pending Information Received?Yes
30/08/2019Building Permit SignedYes

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