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Application LinkLodgement DateDescriptionFormatted Address
BP24/13361/07/2024BAC application - existing authorised - built strata 2 units148 Rockingham Road HAMILTON HILL WA 6163
BP24/13858/07/2024BAC Built Strata Application - Two Grouped Dwellings17 Cressida Parkway SUCCESS WA 6164
BP24/09162/05/2024Building Permit Application (Certified) - Above ground Swimming Pool, Deck & Safety Fencing16 Ellement Parade COOGEE WA 6166
BP24/126921/06/2024Building Permit Application (UNCertified) - Belowground Pool and Fencing72 Murdoch Way BANJUP WA 6164
BP24/13543/07/2024Building permit application (Certified) - below ground fibreglass swimming pool15 Grampian Crescent AUBIN GROVE WA 6164
BP24/141911/07/2024Building permit application (Certified) - below ground fibreglass swimming pool2 Herschell Way COOGEE WA 6166
BP24/060322/03/2024Building permit application (Uncertified) - water tank25 Carriage Chase BANJUP WA 6164
BP24/06905/04/2024Building permit application (Certified) - CCTV solar pole - location 3Broadwater Park 19 Broadwater Gardens SOUTH LAKE WA 6164
BP24/076616/04/2024BP Application (Uncertified)- Residential storage shed28 Mollerin Place SOUTH LAKE WA 6164
BP24/109728/05/2024Building permit application (Uncertified) - enclose current carport & turn into ensuite75 Monaco Avenue NORTH LAKE WA 6163
BP24/11304/06/2024BP Application (Certified)- Double Storey Dwelling, with Below Ground Concrete Swimming Pool and Barrier67 Lycaste Parade TREEBY WA 6164
BP24/11445/06/2024BP Application (Certified) - Stage 1 Forward works - Medical centre & pharmacy47 Entrance Road COOGEE WA 6166
BP24/117811/06/2024Building permit application (Uncertified) - retaining wall89 Bolderwood Drive SOUTH LAKE WA 6164
BP24/118912/06/2024Building Permit Application (Certified) - Patio4/22 Alonso Street COOLBELLUP WA 6163
BP24/120814/06/2024Building permit application (Certified) - single storey dwelling2 Sardinia Place HAMMOND PARK WA 6164

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